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One of the challenges facing organisations today is how to transform their business through regular change initiatives, with minimum disruption and maximum benefit. Research shows that 70% of projects fail to deliver the expected benefits because organisations introduce new systems, processes or practices but fail to fully implement change – people are not sufficiently prepared or committed to the new ways of working to sustain them. This demonstrates the clear need for professionals to complement traditional project and business management skills with change management skills. Organisations face many changes, from new product launches to restructuring, and it is the successful management of these changes that ensure their competitiveness.


These change management courses explore the principles of organisational change and the role of leadership in change management. In this course, candidates learn about the different types of organisational change, the internal and external forces that drive change in organisations, and the management tools and techniques required throughout the change cycle. Candidates also gain an understanding of the different change models and techniques that facilitate the change process from conception to implementation and help to overcome conflict and resistance to achieve organisational goals. Upon completion of the course, candidates will feel confident in their ability to lead change in an organisation and implement strategies that ensure success.
Change is a real career path and participants are often experienced leaders and managers who want to improve their change management capabilities. These courses are also suitable for change management practitioners who want to develop a higher standard of change management strategy, and managers who want to better understand the rapid evolution of business practice and develop visionary change management.

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